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New Homes and Renovations

Homes and apartments, built after May 2024, must meet the 7 Star standard for energy efficiency. This standard was designed to make new dwellings 60% more energy efficient for heating and cooling than the typical 2 Star dwellings constructed prior to the implementation of the regulations.

All building projects that require a building permit including relocated homes, renovations and alterations must now comply with the energy efficiency standards for thermal performance.

If you are planning to build, relocate or renovate a house or apartment in Victoria, your designs must now take into account these energy efficiency requirements.

About Us

Ellis Energy was established in 2004 to work with clients to achieve the National Construction Code (incorporating the Building Code of Australia) standards for energy efficiency by supplying a professional building thermal performance assessment service.

Our expertise is based on over 50 years of combined experience in the building industry, with emphasis in the window and insulation industries, both are key components towards a thermally efficient building.

We are NatHERS accredited residential building thermal performance assessors and provide House Energy Ratings using the FirstRate5 software to achieve and/or exceed the minimum 7 Star standard.

For professional home and commercial thermal performance assessments and expert advice, contact: 0418 317 488

Energy Efficiency Consultancy Service

Thermal Performance Assessments and 'Whole Of Home' Assessments with FirstRate5 House Energy Rating Software

Commercial Buildings 'Section J' Compliance Reports

Compliance Reports for Alterations and Additions

BASIX Certificates - (NSW Energy and Water Efficiency

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